The long-awaited falls are now in place.

These exquisite textile works have been produced by Angela Dewar. Their purchase has been made possible by extreemly generous donations from members of the United Reformed Church worshipping at Rivercourt and Alan Bristow the architect of the Rivercourt Redevelopment.

There are four sets, each comprising three hangings depicting Rivercourt Church and reflecting its place in the Hammersmith community.

The four sets are in the liturgical colours - Green (Ordinary Seasons),
Purple (Advent & Lent), Red (Pentecost), White (Festivals/Christmas/Easter).
The three hangings in each set are for the table, pulpit and lectern.
In each set you can see Rivercourt Church
with Hammersmith Bridge and the river, the gate to Ravenscourt Park, other
churches and local buildings and even the Hammersmith flyover.

A more detailed description of the falls and the process by which they were commissioned and created is given here by Angela Dewar.

Please browse the picture galleries which currently include photographs of two of the four sets.


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