Rivercourt Methodist Church

King Street Hammersmith London

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Because of the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus outbreak, the church premises are currently not available for worship or for hire of rooms.
The church community is still active -  to access information including contact details for Rev. Singa Vunipola please see the latest newsletter.

Resources for download:
Methodist Church Worship Sheet 6th September
Methodist Church Worship Sheet 13th September
Methodist Church Worship Sheet 20th September
Methodist Church Worship Sheet 27th September

Activities for children 13th September
Activities for children 20th September

The previous newsletter is available here.

God has called us to “go make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19)

Our Mission

at Rivercourt Methodist Church is to witness to the calling of the Methodist Church to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ. As a church family we seek to live out the calling in worship and in mission to the community. 

We are called to witness to the gospel of Christ, which is at the centre of our practice. We offer welcoming, thoughtful and sensitive worship to all ages. We are an inclusive community respecting difference and celebrating diversity. Our multi-national membership reflects our outward-looking vision. We welcome all those who wish to share with us God’s love as expressed by Jesus, wherever they may be on their own spiritual journey. 

Rivercourt has been at the heart of the Hammersmith community for nearly 150 years; our building is both a physical landmark in a changing urban landscape and a symbol of continuing spiritual presence. We maintain a place of prayer, solace and spiritual reflection for the community. 

Our Vision

We celebrate and share God’s love for all people by: 

Exploring faith honestly and with open mind, to witness to our calling in our regular worship, which is open to all. Striving for excellence in how we conduct worship services (welcoming, thoughtful and sensitive to all ages) and how we demonstrate Christ’s love to all fellow worshipers before, during, and after the service. Undertaking regular Biblical teaching and training so that God’s people might grow in their faiths and be equipped to joyfully serve Christ and others to the best of their God-given ability.

Proclaiming the Gospel, in personal witness, in our congregation’s evangelism efforts, and in mission work beyond our congregation.

Offering a place to belong, within our church family, and serving the community, in Hammersmith and this part of West London. Strengthening our relationships with one another so that we are united in Christ. Developing our relationships with the diverse, multi-ethnic groups, religious and non-religious, that use our modern, flexible building. Providing a safe place for people to come together.

Living out Christ’s care and compassion for everyone. Acting as a good neighbour to our community. Continuing our active support for the homeless of West London by hosting a Night Shelter in conjunction with Glass Door.

Rooms for hire

Because of the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus outbreak, the church premises are currently not available for hire of rooms.
Under normal circumstances, facilities are available for regular meetings or one-off events:

Study groups
Day conferences
Training days

A range of comfortable, flexible spaces are available
to suit groups of two to two-hundred.  Please contact the church office for more information.

Contact Rivercourt

020 8741 1348


Rivercourt Methodist Church
King Street
W6 9JT